HTC EVO 3D -- glasses-free 3D straight from your phone

    Here's an idea, "Glasses off, 3D on. Life looks better in 3D and you look better without the 3D glasses."

    Back at CTIA 2011, Sprint and HTC announced the HTC EVO 3D. This device is similar to the older HTC EVO 4G, but comes with many improvements. Namely, an improved qHD (960 x 540) 3D-LCD 4.3" display. The display, with it's 3D-LCD technology, allows you to view 3D video and photos without the need for the 3D glasses.

    The phone also has two 5 megapixel cameras. One is capable of shooting 2D pictures and recording video in 1080p, while the second camera allows you to take 3D pictures and record 3D video in 720p. The phone can also connect  to a 3D-TV via it's Mobile High definition Link (MHL) port.

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